Saturday, April 25, 2020

LDZA: spring supplies run

[Reprinted from Facebook, which is where most gaming chat is going on these days. In fact, if it were not for it being the place for gaming chat, I likely would have left FB a while ago.]

Moving into action, to scoop up some much needed supplies from a washed-out road.

Got in my first solo game of LD:ZA this week. I had rolled up the crew randomly in Chaos Theory back in January, and finally got enough painted up to get on the table.

I rolled three Selfish characters, and two dogs (plus a random Outdoorswoman) so I knew noise would be an issue. But I underestimated how much those triggerhappy fools would complicate matters. The weather started at a heavy rain, limiting line of sight. But once Terry, the merciless leader, got towards the center, he kept firing at the incoming horde, which kept drawing roaming zombies into the back line. I tried to keep the hounds to one side, to limit their noise, but they strayed too close to that board edge as well, which kept them busy keeping other roamers at bay. Manny, Terry's goon sidekick, tried to hold off the new arrivals, but eventually got overwhelmed when he was forced to back into a wreck. Within five turns, discretion turned into the better part of valor, and the crew split up and left different table edges carrying three supplies. Manny made a full recovery... or so it seems.

Gwen the Outdoorswoman with her heavy scythe lines up her swing (it would not prove effective.)

Manny the Goon is forced back from melee, but directly away, pushing his back against the literal wall.

Terry, the Merciless Thug leader of the group, eyes the oncoming horde through the rain.

The game ran smoothly! Most questions were easy to look up, and while I have a few outstanding issues (are Heavy weapons... just not worth it?) I adore the random character generation for solo games. It not only helps define how they act for solo gaming, but also knowing it's a heroic but self-pitying goon, or a competitive dog, just adds a lot to the story.

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