Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gencon ahoy

Flashback to 2010: these nerds

Gencon approacheth! I've only been once before, and it was good times. Worked the Pulp City/Hell Dorado/AE-WWII booth daily and wandered far and wide and, uh, did stuff (other than spending money. Which I did plenty.) I like the big cons, but as a special event to do every few years or so. The Historicon circuit is more my speed, I think. Smaller setting with ample opportunities for games and plenty to buy to boot, without the Big Flashy Booths and ten million of my peers.

So the event list for Gencon is about to drop and... at first glance, there's not a lot waiting there for me. No IHMN, no Pulp City (a bit surprising,) no 7TV, etc. I'll keep busy, don't worry, but other than the CMG demos we're running, that leaves my schedule pretty open. I might try to get in on whatever Relic Knights events show up, presuming by some miracle I can get figs semi-painted by then. (Formally getting excited by Relic Knights again, too.) And I will find some games to try out, one of the major reasons I ever go to cons, because lord knows I need more games. But other than that? No clue.

Anyone else going? Got anything exciting on tap?