Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey, that's me

As noted here on Dropship Horizon, my crew and I will be writing up our Critical Mass Gencon Project for all to see. 

As you may have guessed by reading my blog for five minutes, I am really not a rules guy. I like rules that are easy to pick up, because we play a lot of different systems, and man it's tough for me to retain how things work in a game I only play once every couple months. That being said, Aaron reports that these rules are a worthy endeavor, despite a lack of a large fan base, or even a lot of support from the company, so I am willing to cough in and see this thing through.

I've had the Kaamados figs for... a little while now. As with most of my toys, I bought them because they looked cool. The good news is, my thumbnail sketch of an army list showed I wasn't far from a complete force with what I already had, so rounding it out wasn't expensive. 

Just gotta lean on myself to get these multifig bases painted and ready to go. The "pressure" is "on"!