Friday, February 20, 2015

Wrath of Kings: assembly in a snap

One day. That's how long it took to assemble the above figs. They're from my Wrath of Kings kickstarter package. The figs have a great amount of detail, and mine had little to no flash. And I am terrible at assembling, especially things with tiny bits. But these practically assembled themselves.

Looking forward to trying the game out in the near future. Team Hadross!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

7ombieTV: Break Down

This week on Zed Nation...

Couple weeks back, the gents expressed interest in 7ombieTV (which I have been stumping for a while) so I threw together some models and we sat down to play the first scenario, "Break Down." We'd played a run through of 7tv a while back, so I re-familiarized myself by fixing up a nice playsheet and generating the Co-Stars.

There and back again 

The survivors' microbus had run out of gas within sight of their goal: a gas station they new still held the precious fuel they would need to break away from the swarm of undead infesting the area. All they needed to do was run out there, grab the gas, and get back to the vehicle before the zombie horde sinks their teeth into them.

Each player had two Co-Stars (the Brain, the Grease Monkey, the Looker, and the Grunt) and two extras (one was a faithful Dog.) I ran the zombies, more or less on auto-pilot. I snuck in two Leader zombies, but didn't reveal that until it was time for them to use their extra activation abilities. I also brought one zombie dog, to be the nemesis of his canine counterpart. (Both dogs turned out to be surprisingly effective.) For an extra worry, I made the survivors keep track of who had the car keys. You know, just in case.

"It has been established that persons who have recently died have been returning to life and committing acts of murder."

Top of the pic, you see the Zombie Dog racing to give the Brain a taste of what's to come.

Top left corner, you'll see what happens when a handful of zombies gets hit with a Molotov event card. Smokin'!

The Brain runs back with the gas, with a Zombie Dog nipping at his heels. 

Civilian down!

Living dog > not-so-living dog.

Surrounded, the Brain plays a timely "Walk Like A Zombie" event card, letting him escape the undead predators for a crucial round.

The Grunt (played by Rick from Zombicide, painted by Maurice) faces a grim fate.

The Grease Monkey swings his axe to free the Brain from a wall of undead. 

Working to keep the escape route clear.

Things are looking grim back at the van. 


On the ninth turn, the survivors pile into the refueled van and make tracks, securing a solid victory for the living. This time.

Decently successful game. Some rules questions cropped up (where are those rules from breaking away from melee?) and some mistakes were made in the beginning on both sides, but nothing crucial. The guys seemed to enjoy themselves, which is all that matters, to the point that I am discussing running 7th Voyage in the near future.