Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zomtober: the ironic edition

That is the face of a cat who is done with all this.

Zombotber draws to a close, and I have to punt on the challenge. No time to paint last week, or this one. October (and November) are always really busy around here, so I knew it would be a stretch. Ah well. Close is pretty good, right?

I did get a few other figs based and primed, so there's more to be done soon. I'd actually like to get the locals in on 7ombieTV, and picked up a few things for the scenarios there, as well.

But for a final bit of irony? This showed up last weekend:

That's a shocking amount of miniatures.

My spoils from the second Zombicide Kickstarter! Just the thing to polish off Zomtober. So plenty of figs for playing 7ombieTV, heh. Would just have to get on the ball with the painting. (I've been giving guff to one of the locals for not painting any of his figs fro the first Kickstarter, so I have zero excuse.) So I guess my Zomvember is booked up?

Happy Halloween, cats and kittens!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Zomtober 3: Misty Takes the Field

I have mentioned my cats are pretty patient, right?

First survivor this week. Misty, from Crooked Dice, doesn't take guff from anyone, armed with a field hockey stick and a bad attitude.

Once again, after I finish the fig and sit down to take the pic, I see the things I missed. The undercut of the hair on the side of her face needs a little more shading, because in these pics, it totally looks like her face is half melted or something. Were I not on a deadline I'd fix the detail and retake the pics first, but, Zomtober!

And I love the teddy bear.

I went for a slightly cleaner paintjob this time. In addition to using her for a 7ombieTV survivor, she will be pulling double duty in 7tv as one of the criminal students in my (eventual) 'S.H.I.V.A. Academy of Evil' cast.

Next week: no idea! I have a bunch of figs primed, but will have to see what I am inspired to do for the finale.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Zomtober 2: the Quickening

 Our other cat Kira gets in on the act. She always looks that grumpy.

Got the shipping notice for my Zombicide Kickstarter II rewards, so that will be an exciting arrival shortly. 

Another easy pick this week, the other zombie from the Reaper Bones KS. I have a handful more to get through eventually. Wanted to get one of each painted up first.

Today's fun game: squint and see if you can find the mold lines!

Definitely more than a little deformed, I figure he's slowly mutating into a tank zed or something similar. I love that left arm, though. 

The pose gave me a bit of a swamp vibe, so I wanted a more 'wet' look, with more greens and less grime and gore. Did I go too far? Ehn, maybe. I'll live with it. Hands and face kept grey-er, since those are going to see the most contact.

Sitting next to his comrade in arms, though, I think I will definitely want to get the bases a little closer together in style.

Next week... something different.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Did someone say... Zomtober?

I didn't make a fancy title card for the event, like some people, so I just put a sign on my cat Riddler.

The Eclectic Gentlemen, a true champion of our hobby, has put out the call. Zomtober is upon us again.

Now, October is busy with a lot of not-gaming things. And I am already behind on the blog, with at least two writeups to finish. But as I've mentioned before, it's the little things that can get me motivated to finishing my figs. And I remember watching the Zomtober proceedings last year and thinking, man, I shoulda got in on that.

But it's four figs in thirty-ish days. Even I can (hopefully) rise to that challenge. I already have a couple figs in mind, but figured I'd knock out an easy one to get the ball rolling.

Straight out of the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter, it's a zombie! Yep, nothing fancy. Good for 7ombieTV, of course, and a new company for IHMN I have secretly been working on for the second book. I might sneak in a little more detail on the base, but I don't want to overdo it. 

Next week: another zombie!

(Luckily, this isn't a competition, because this is what I would be up against. Wow.)