Friday, September 30, 2011


Fought a 200-point Anima Tactics game last week. Wanted to try out some Light figs (non-Samael) so I could get the basics down for my burgeoning Empire force. Brought Lorenzo and Rayne to back up Claire Adelheid and Daniella Meris. My opponent went Church and brought Marchosias and three other figs who helped Marchosias kill everyone. Seriously, even without the optional leader abilities, he proved to be a tough nut to crack. Hopefully in the future I will be able to bring more resources to bear on him, because short of getting in a solid hit after Seal-ing him, he's a combat machine. We'll see how it turns out next time, when I'll bring a more tuned force, and know what to expect.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

State of the Union

Here's the current list of games that are occupying my mind and time the most. This is a constant ebb and flow, as things come and go with new releases, announcements, what my playgroup is talking about, etc. The latter is a pretty piece piece, on reflection. When I start talking up some game with my friends, or we're planning to play something soon, that usually pushes it to the front of the mental queue.

Anima Tactics (with a bullet. Is Empire the perfect counterpoint to my Samael?)
Pulp City (new toys soon)
Malifaux (been painting Neverborn as top project)
Hell Dorado (been reading the book, finally)
Gruntz (so much tempting 15mm out there)
Mercs (after Malifaux project is done, these are next on the bench)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Progress

Here's what's next on the painting block:

For Malifaux: Collodi and his puppets. I love evil puppets, and then you add in Oogie Boogie, and we're sold. Plus, I already had a master for the Guild (Lady Justice) and the Arcanists (Colette!) so Neverborn was a good pick-up. Still fiddling with a color scheme. Suspect the Marionettes will get one, and the Wicked Dolls another, etc.

I'm also working to paint up my Sefadu troops for Mercs. Picked up pretty much on a whim. The local crew plays some Mercs, and I was tempted by the game before. I like that it's an artificially set limit to the teams. But none of the figs' sculpts really caught my eye. Until, that is, Sefadu. Leaning towards a striking black-and-white color scheme with red accents. They want you to see them coming.

After that, I should paint up my Gruntz force, plus some 15mm space port terrain I've been tossing together. And there's always more Pulp City to paint. And this, and that, and the list never ends, fingers crossed.