Saturday, September 17, 2011

State of the Union

Here's the current list of games that are occupying my mind and time the most. This is a constant ebb and flow, as things come and go with new releases, announcements, what my playgroup is talking about, etc. The latter is a pretty piece piece, on reflection. When I start talking up some game with my friends, or we're planning to play something soon, that usually pushes it to the front of the mental queue.

Anima Tactics (with a bullet. Is Empire the perfect counterpoint to my Samael?)
Pulp City (new toys soon)
Malifaux (been painting Neverborn as top project)
Hell Dorado (been reading the book, finally)
Gruntz (so much tempting 15mm out there)
Mercs (after Malifaux project is done, these are next on the bench)

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