Saturday, October 1, 2011

Malifaux: Collodi's puppets

As noted earlier, top of the painting queue was Collodi and his puppets, for Malifaux. I dig on evil puppets, and Collodi was a positively creepy addition to the game. Was looking for something to be a counterpoint to my Lady Justice and her Guild, so that fit the bill.

The local crew threw up a deadline of October 1st, and fake deadlines are the best way to get myself motivated. Yes, there's a lot of detail work that I have to get done on these guys. It feels like I never really finish painting everything. Nonetheless, these guys are more done than a lot of my figs, so I will count that as a win. Didn't get the creepy wagon put together in time, but have all the components ready to go, so maybe I will see if I can get that done and painted by Halloween.

First up is Collodi and his Stitched Togethers. Seriously love those figs, and I've had the Oogie Boogie stuck in my head all month as a result. A wash will help pick out the details I glossed over, which is a good rule for a lot of my figs. Maybe blacken up his hat for the puppet Napoleon look.

The Wicked Dolls were fun to paint, too. Many patches of color to help tie the force together. A lot of character packed into simple figs. Will pick out the claws in a brighter silver, maybe.

Was originally going to keep them the same colors, but they were too easy to go individual on. Will need to get more detail on those faces, despite my well-known aversion for painting faces. Even puppet faces.

Where to go from here? Will play them a few times to see. Zoraida would be a logical choice, but ehn. Pandora held more charm for me, even though the models never did. The Weaver Widow from the new book is a great choice, to compliment Collodi, and gives me an excuse to pick up Teddy. Oh yes. Will look at the Effigies as well. Probably don't need all of them, but some of them should improve the force.

Next on the painting table are my Sefadu for Mercs. Assembling new Pulp City and Empire for Anima Tactics. Rolling rolling rolling.