Wednesday, July 18, 2012

set sail for victory

As we speak, packing up for three fun-filled days at my first Historicon. Have tickets to try out three systems I've never tried before (hello, GASLIGHT,) and picking up a mighty mountain of minis, with at three orders already placed and waiting for me at various vendors. Fingers crossed the flea market Saturday will treat me well also, and I'll be able to sell off a bunch of gaming toys I don't need anymore (at dirt cheap prices!) and recoup some of those costs, too.

While I'm gone, you can dig this fine article on the best military tactics to lay siege to Cinderella's Castle at Disney. Seriously. Because wow.


  1. Have fun. I'm off to check out that article because, well, you never know when you might have to lay siege to a holiday attraction. :/

  2. Have fun, I lol out that article brilliant stuff