Thursday, October 11, 2012

Necroplane attack!

Last week, snuck out to Virginia to play a rousing game of Pulp City. We may have been investigating some new rules proposals, so no real batrep. Suffice it to say the Necroplane incursion was repelled with authority. True to form, Super Zed push too far ahead too quickly, and was eliminated from the battle in short order. And despite Night Fright mounting a fearsome assault, Sovereign and Stoner Hawk saved the day.

Been too long since we duked it out with the supremes. Came up with a bunch of good questions for future revisions, and looking forward to playing more again soonly.

On a related note, the inimitable Hendybadger is running an excellent contest to Paint the City Pink. Check it out! Especially you people who are, like, good at painting. And like the color pink.

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