Saturday, April 20, 2013

time to stomp Tokyo

Been a busy month out here, just not as much gaming filling the gaps. Sneaking in some painting, to be put up here soon, but wanted to add a quick note about another fun board game the wife and I tried out last week.

King of Tokyo is a fast and fun romp. You play one of the massive monsters/giant robots/huge aliens seeking to destroy Tokyo, but you have to beat the competition first. Each turn, a player rolls the dice up to three times, setting aside any dice they want to keep. You can roll hearts (to heal,) energy (to save up and buy special power cards,) victory points (to win!,) or attacks (to SMASH.) In true king-of-the-hill style, any monster outside the city can hurt the one monster inside the city, but the monster in the city can hurt ALL the monsters outside with a successful attack. One the monster inside the city takes damage, though, they can switch places with the beast that damaged them, leading to some tactical calculations. And if you start your turn as the monster in the middle, you get victory points. 

The game is quick and fun, and a great way to spend an hour or so. If/when I pick it up, the first thing I will do is replace the cardboard beast the game includes with some re-purposed Monsterpocalpse minis, because of course.

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