Saturday, July 13, 2013

Historicon approacheth!

Totally not ready for Historicon this year. I mean, I am registered, and signed up for games to play while I am there, and signed up for the table to unload some toys (and fingers crossed make a couple bucks, to pay for more toys there.) But this past month has been a whirlwind of things outside the gaming world for me, and now that we're under a week to go, I have a lot to do. (Neither of my usual partners in crime will be joining me either, which will make for a different experience, to be sure.)

Just heading up for Friday and Saturday this time around. Am looking forward to learning to play SAGA and finally playing In Her Majesty's Name, plus more GASLIGHT and other con favorites. Plotting to pick up... a few items while I am there. More Victorian scifi and related items for IHMN, some fantasy figs to bulk up the planned 7th Voyage outing. As always, cons are a great place to pick up terrain as well. The Rebel Minis and Acheson booths are always tempting, as well, and the flea market has treated me well in the past as well.

So yes. Next couple days will be spent scouring the basement for things to sell at the con, then a flurry of packing and the like. Good times ahead! (And man, when I get back I have a pretty hefty backlog of toys to put together and paint, not to mention games to play. Truly this is a golden age.)

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