Saturday, August 3, 2013

oh, right: Bones

Revera linguam latinam vix cognovi

I figure one of the reasons I was able to not overspend at Historicon was knowing I had these waiting for me to pick up. That's a third of two 'Vampire' sets (me and the local boys divvied up one big order,) plus some other figs added on that I really wanted.

Now, to, uh, get around to basing them all, and painting them all... most of which I don't currently have a game planned to use them in...

 (Heh, not really. But it's an intimidating pile of plastic.)


  1. Damn I wish I had a bone Giant.

  2. Ha! That's a ridiculous amount of figures! Have fun slaving!

  3. Sweet have fun painting them. At least you have pile of random stuff to pick up and paint when your stuck or need a break from a project :D

    1. It's true! Although, sadly, I have lots of figs randomly started. My real problem is finishing said random figs/projects.