Saturday, September 14, 2013

And now: Infinity

All of a sudden, you realize you're behind schedule, and have a number of posts you've been meaning to make, but haven't, you know, actually written. I have at least two more battle reports after this one, and I feel another state of the union post brewinga, plus maybe some rambling about upcoming Kickstarters or the like. Anyways. Autumn gets busy, with the daughter back in school, and TV shows returning plus good movies coming out, so time to get back into a better routine about this.

I had been meaning to try out Infinity for like, ever, based on either the Beasts of War YouTube tutorials or all the pretty pics at Studio Giraldez or what have you. The game seemed nifty, the internet loves it, and didn't take a huge number of figs, and is unapologetically scifi. So when I received a hand-me-down Haqqislam army (originally Aaron's; he gave them to Maurice, who then gave them to me) I knew it was time. Spent a little time on the invaluable ALEPH army building site, figured out what I had, and gave it a go.

I brought:
A Ghulam lieutenant, plus two Riflemen.
Djanbazan HMG and Rifleman.
Jannissary HMG
Khawarij ("Captain Haqqislam!")

Maurice sent along his Tohaa list:
Ectros Lieutenant w/ Viral combi rifles
Kamael w/ sniper rifle
Kamael Doctor w/ combi rifle
Makaul w/ Heavy flamethrower and smoke
Makaul w/ Heavy flamethrower, swarm grenades and smoke
Gao-Rael with Spitfire
Gao-Tarsos w/ HMG (Man, this guy.)

Remember this terrain? I'm soaking in it!

Winning the initiative, the Tohaa took up residence in the taller ruins on the north of the field, leaving my troops to trudge up field and dig them out. I knew he was holding... something in reserve, but couldn't concern myself with that. I knew trying to play defensive wouldn't get me anywhere, so better to act decisively.

Camping the spawnpoint.

And lordy, it was bloody. Lots of AROs as I duck from cover to cover. I taught Maurice why mines are nice, blowing up his troops moving in on the east side with some quick Hunzakut action. A Makaul was ranging in with the heavy flamethrower in tow, though, and I knew that would give me some headaches.I was throwing a lot of HMG shots downfield, though, which was starting to pay off and give me the upper hand.

Man, this guy.

Around then was when Maurice taught me about air-dropping an angry alien in my backfield with an HMG. The Gao-Tarsos fell right into the southeast corner and started cleaning me out. I bottled out soon thereafter.

The game is good, very solid foundation in tactics, and keeps you involved with reacting to the enemy a lot of the time. I will definitely want to try it out with some scenarios or really anything to keep it from being a 'line up and shoot the bad guys' simplicity. Also reading up on other units to pick up to give me a little variety in selecting my forces, but I also know those Nomads are going to start looking pretty tempting...


  1. Sounds good and very tactical from what i've read. Need to give those figures some love though :P

    1. Amusingly, the unpainted ones are Maurice's. I have the painted ones (which, to his credit, were painted by Aaron.) I'll let him know!