Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey, that's me

As noted here on Dropship Horizon, my crew and I will be writing up our Critical Mass Gencon Project for all to see. 

As you may have guessed by reading my blog for five minutes, I am really not a rules guy. I like rules that are easy to pick up, because we play a lot of different systems, and man it's tough for me to retain how things work in a game I only play once every couple months. That being said, Aaron reports that these rules are a worthy endeavor, despite a lack of a large fan base, or even a lot of support from the company, so I am willing to cough in and see this thing through.

I've had the Kaamados figs for... a little while now. As with most of my toys, I bought them because they looked cool. The good news is, my thumbnail sketch of an army list showed I wasn't far from a complete force with what I already had, so rounding it out wasn't expensive. 

Just gotta lean on myself to get these multifig bases painted and ready to go. The "pressure" is "on"!


  1. Good luck dude! If you need harassing on facebook daily I can be your demon :D

    1. Heh. If I need a dedicated harrasser, you're on top of the list.

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