Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pulp City kickstarter draws to a close

Yes, you've probably heard it a bunch of other places recently, but I feel a Great Need to pass it along to my dozens of readers. The Pulp City Kickstarter is in its last couple days, and now is a mighty fine time to sign on for the big win. (They blew past the goal within a day, and have just been raising the bar ever since.) I'm a fan of superhero games, and this is my favorite ruleset for them, easily. Fast and fun, you're in on the city-destroying action within minutes. Heck the first post to this very blog was about the game. So go get some figs, get your friends playing, and make sure to post your painted figs so I can be envious of your paintjobs.

Back to a more regular posting schedule... soon. You know, when I have time to game again. Heh.

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