Saturday, June 7, 2014

quick and disparate thoughts

Games for Gencon getting lined up: in addition to three days of Critical Mass demos, I have two days of Bushido on order. I'm waiting patiently for the Relic Knights events to show up on the schedule, but I am having second thoughts about my ability to finish my Critical Mass army and my Bushido figs with enough time to get my Relic Knights figs done to any sort of worthy standard. I mean, that's a lot of painting on a strict deadline. And I am already tempted to paint so many other figs instead of the ones I need to. And I am not, you know, good with deadlines. At all. Nonetheless, here we are.

(Not that my Relic Knights have arrived yet, but I feel that day is almost upon us.)

Having finished True Detective (so, so good,) I started in on Penny Dreadful. And wow. I mean, I heard it was straight from the pages of In Her Majesty's Name, but even in the first episode it just shines right through. Best gaming TV show ever? We shall see.

(I note that the fine gentlemen and ladies at IHMN have started putting up their IHMN Gothic supplement free online. No coincidence, I say.)

Yes, still behind on a great many posts. So many. Have only really played Critical Mass and Pulp City in the past couple months. And re-learned Netrunner, a.k.a. Maurice's new favorite game. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Hope to get some Bushido in before the big dance, but that will require me to figure out where I left my much-neglected pinning tools, so I can at least get figs on bases...

Right then. Actual content next time. I hope.

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