Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zomtober 2014, week 2: saggy!

Minutes to midnight, still on time! Still a couple details I'd like to hit (now that I see the pics fully blown up) but hey.

Such a hard time getting good pictures in this week.

Really, hard time with the pics.

As noted previously, lots of lovely details on these figs push them beyond other board games. Those saggy pants!

The boys of October


  1. Looks great despite the pics :) Must just be the time of year as its taking me tons of trys to get just a few!

  2. These 2 are great. love the suit guy, great colour :-)

  3. Really nice! And as you say, great miniatures - Your pictures a better than those that i took this week! I managed to lose near-enough all the detail from my paint jobs :(

  4. Excellent job, you're making me want to dust of my zombicide miniatures and give them a go.

  5. Very nice dude! Very nice indeed.