Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zomtober 2014, week 4: final victory, with bonus figs

I am not great at completing challenges, so I am going to bask in the glory on this one. Four figs complete, plus two extra because I made the time! Yes, I know for many of you, completing six figs in a month isn't tough, but for me, it's a minor triumph.

First up, the last of the Zombicide four originally slated for this Zomtober. I am sort of looking forward to painting some dupes of this fig, because all that exposed skin is a great palate for tattoos or fresher gore or what have you. And again, it's another solid pose with a lot of character and detail (like the slash across his back.) So angry!

During the course of Zomtober, one find was reading about the Eclectic Gentleman's triad paint scheme. Like I said, an idea worth stealing.As I knew I'd be getting the challenge done this week, I went down to the Basement Full of Minis and dragged out two figs I'd based and primed many moons back, and never got around to painting. I believe they're both from the late Mega Minis, but don't quote me on that. I used the red from above (Delta Ceramcoat Red Iron Oxide) and kept going.

First up is King. Clearly another Leader type. I was worried about all the details coming out on this one, but they popped right out. Not the best painted fig I have ever done, but easily the best painted fig I have done that quickly. I'm learning more to not just dump everything in a wash, but to use them more selectively and highlight around the details thereafter. Hooray for learnin'. [Sculpt by Zombiesmith, thanks to arabianknight for the correction.]

And lastly, the Thriller. He is definitely a little short next to other 28mm figs, but that works just fine, thematically. And while the Mega Minis sculpt... lacks a lot of detail, I give it style points. I would adore if someone put out a handful of walkers in the Thriller pose, because yes, I am dumb and like throwing my money at cheap jokes.

Three for the week...

 And the final results for the month. A rousing success!

Happy Zombtober everyone!


  1. A roaring success indeed! Well done that man.

  2. Great work mate; your Zombie additions have been excellent :)

    As an equally slow painter, that was the important thing for setting the target as one or more minis. Like you, I know all too well I cannot paint at the speed of friends and peers in the hobby, and it is amazing to see numerous additions from those guys, so 'self-scaling' output to an extent hopefully has made it a useful challenge from us 'slowies' to our faster peers. :)

    The most important thing is 'getting stuff done' and reducing the mountain of unpainted stuff., even if only a little. :)

  3. Slow painters unite! I'm striving to finish number four so your six looks pretty good in my book.

  4. They look great! I painted nothing this month or the last so it is indeed a Triumph!

  5. Great job dude! Your not alone. Well done on completing Zòmbtober.

  6. Great set of figures there and well done for getting through the challenge. Like you I've my fair share of failed ones in the past. The King figure is by ZombieSmith, by the way. I painted one at the start of Zomtober :)

  7. Huzzah Greay job and well done on a successful month!