Monday, November 24, 2014

Silvermoon challenge (by Maurice)

Hello everyone,

Maurice, here. As part of Scorpio's group, I'm also looking to get 50 Rice painted by the time the ball drops on 2014. I'm running the Silvermoon Syndicate, as nothing's more fun than a bunch of kung-fu Yakusa gangsters. The collection you see below is:

(y)Oda (5 Rice)
Manu (9 Rice)
Fitiauma (9 Rice)
Sukuratchi (6 Rice)
Okkete-San (2 Rice)
Wakasu Akuma (1 Rice)
Nomi (4 Rice)
Kyoaku-Han Crossbow (5 Rice)
Kyoaku-Han x2 (8 Rice)
This + a 1 Rice card gets me to a 50 Rice list. 

Just so that I actually get 50 Rice of figures painted without cards (certain funny people in the group are insisting...), I will add:
Saki (7 Rice)

10 figs at just over 50 rice gives me flexibility in list building and a nice range of figure styles to paint. I've already started on Sukuratchi and Okkete-San, as you can tell. I'll do my best to check in with some progress reports!