Thursday, December 15, 2011

Empire vs. Azur

My Azur foes (also, best painted team winner from Gencon '11)

Before sitting down for the second game for the Anima campaign, had to roll for injuries from the last game. Daniella came out fine, but Claire was wounded. Funk. Swapped her out for this battle with an Imperial Agent (with one extra action point a turn, rolling a second die for Master Attack, and a speed of 8/12. Really just going to be a fill-in for wounded characters. Used a proxy of a Crab Clan Berserker from Clan Wars.) We also rolled for Aaron's ultimate goal for the campaign: "We Must not Let Them Succeed." Fair enough.

Tonight's battle, a 200 point clash. We roll on the chart, and get 'Albidion.' Which is a nifty scenario, except the Church Inquisitor shows up when a magic ability is used. And I had, uh, no magic abilities. And for my opponent, the Colonel had one. Which he didn't use. So, yeah.

As last time, I brought Kronen, Daniella Meris, the aforementioned Agent, and Tiamat. Aaron brought Azur, consisting of Maximo Ligori, Kyler, Kirsten, and the Colonel. He brought the Power Source, which combined with his orders meant he was never really short on actions. He also brought some Piercing Weapons, knowing that I would be running with the Imperial Armor.

Terrain was a few ruined buildings, but the majority of the action centered around the one in the middle, which was a conveniently large line-of-sight blocker we converged on quickly. First turn, primarily maneuvering and moving up.

Bad moon on the rise.

Turns two and three, dice start getting thrown in earnest. Daniella pops around a corner, throws an arrow at Kirsten, missing wildly. Kirsten returns the favor, poisoning poor Daniella (a trend that will last the rest of the game.) Kronen stakes a solid position in the middle, and solidly fails to seek any Prowlers nearby. I completely botch my sequence, through, and move up Tiamat to back up Kronen... forgetting I had already moved Kronen that turn, and thusly he can't intercept to protect the boss. Ligori makes sure Tiamat doesn't forget that lesson. The Colonel follows up, and Tiamat is off the table.

Turn four, the Agent tries to teach Ligori how the Master Attack really rocks, but no, another big miss. Ligori tries to return the favor, with a Raxxor Slayer, but duplicates the miss. Kronen throws a critical hit on Kyler, and Kyler is hurting bad. Daniella tries to conserve actions, only dodging while hoping to drain the poison, but is creeping down to three health at this point. The Colonel clears out the Agent with a Hephastios Crest. And, at the end of the turn, I concede, hoping to save my remaining characters from further insult and injuries.

Post-battle sequence, no new wounded characters. Aaron rolls for his reward, and lands "Curse," which is really one of the better ones.

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