Sunday, December 18, 2011


Placed an order for my amigo Imam from the GZG December sale. And this is what I got in exchange.

The boys in blue.

And the close-up.

I'd been eyeing the Khurasan Control Battalions for a while. He'd initially picked these up for near-future UN figs to fight zombie hordes, but ended up not wanting them. Whereas not only is it right up my alley, but it's already assembled and partially painted. Even the vehicles, which are usually a sticking point for me. Sold.


  1. Those look excellent. They remind me of the badguys in Revolution X for some reason. Can't wait to send my Quar resistance fighters up against them!

  2. And for my own notes, from the source: "The 8-wheel things with heavy turrets, made of resin, are Flames of War Boarhounds from their Mid-war Monsters range. The large 8 wheel things with tiny turrets made of plastic are Roco Minitanks Luchs APC's. The Herkimer-type things are Flames of War Early War Dorchester ACV's."