Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super Dungeon what what?

One of the questions I've asked myself about writing this weblog is how inclusive I should be. I mean, obviously, it's all about the minis games. but what about other types of gaming? I play video games once or twice a week (Team Fortress 2 is my main squeeze, but I have been digging Gotham City Impostors so far.) And my friends and I do enjoy board games from time to time (top items are Pandemic and Ticket to Ride.)

Along those messy lines, last week I also tried out Super Dungeon Explore. Now, it is a board game, designed to emulate the 8-bit dungeon crawl games of the 80's. But those minis cry out to be painted, and it is certainly marketed at the minis gaming crowd. So it is really a board game, per se? We'll find out when I convince the wife to try it out. Heh.

But yes, played last week, and it's good fun. Killing the monsters, looting the potions, etc. Game is fast-paced and runs smoothly even for first time players. There is a certain amount of strategy involved, but that becomes clear pretty quickly. Art and sculpts are high quality and entertaining. And I do thoroughly enjoy a good dungeon crawl.

Haters gonna hate.

Not knowing how to play, I went with the Druid, and pretty much just went with turning into a bear at the earliest opportunity. This lead to me foolishly rushing into a room by myself and solo'ing a spawn point. Which I did eliminate, but ended up on the receiving end of the Australian Death Cuddle from the beastie above. A noble end!

Yeah, bet you wish you had your bearform buddy now!

Oh, and, playing again tonight.

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