Saturday, February 4, 2012

vs. the 11+1 Challenge

As noted earlier this week, I'm taking on the 11+1 Challenge. Now, mind you, it's not a lot of figs, and I am hoping to really bear down and get these sorted in short order. But I am not great about finishing off figs, and sometimes a little artificial deadline like this is what I need. My picks were mostly influenced by figs I had on hand that were assembled and primed. Links go to pics.

My 11+1:
1. Skyline (Pulp City)
2. Twilight (Pulp City)
3. Servitor of the Outer Gods (RAFM Cthulhu)
4. "Bob the Alien" (Zombiesmith)
5. Velmarius Elazarin (Reaper Pathfinder)
6. Plague Doctor (Reaper Pathfinder)
7. Netikerti (Reaper Warlord)
8. Rhasia, Zombie Master (Reaper Warlord)
9. Sascha Dubois (Reaper Chronoscope)
10. Nick Stone (Reaper Chronoscope)
11. Andromedan Vizier (Reaper Chronoscope)
+1. Astrid Berger (Reaper Chronoscope)

So yes, a lot of Reaper there, and specifically the Chronoscope line. I've been neglecting the 'Heroic 28mm' scale these days, since 15mm has been so... captivating. But reading 7tv and talking Pulp City has certainly influenced my choices above. Many of these are slated for double-duty, to boot. Rhasia is the alt I will be using to try out as Zoraida in Malifaux. Sascha Dubois will likely be my star in 7tv, and others on this list will be showing up there too. The Plague Doctor would work in, like, half the games I play. "Bob" looks to have so many fun uses.

Already got a little work in Thursday night. More to follow tonight, fingers crossed. If I get these done in a month, it'll turn into a 22+2 challenge. Make it happen!


  1. Good luck - my own painting is in fits and starts due to work etc, so this is not the kind of challenge I could ever set myself, but I reckon if it could work for you then that is great. :)

  2. Oh, my painting is equally sporadic. I only took this banner up because, eleven months! That's a time frame I can (theoretically) ace.

  3. Great looking list.
    I will try and keep up with you as best I can