Thursday, March 29, 2012

11+1: the Servitor

I picked up this mini many moons ago, one of the many gems from the RAFM Cthulhu line. Something about the sculpt really spoke to me. I think it's the combo of the baleful eyes and the crazy flute he's playing. But I put off painting it for way too long. All those tentacles!

The Krieghexe attempts to negotiate with the cthonic visitor.

The good news is, the fig can see uses in all sorts of different games. Went with a swampy green-brown hide, orange for the eyes, and a pagan brassy-gold for the, uh, trumpet? Blowpipe? Who knows. Was originally going to go with a bone white, but it didn't stand out well enough.

The Kontrol Battalion are notorious music critics.

And works as well in 15mm as in 28. (Maybe even better.)

Challenge proceeds apace. The other ten figs are mostly painted, it's just a matter of finishing up the primary coloring, and then the dreaded detailing. A little stumped on how to do an urban camo for Skyline, and man, Twilight has a lot of detailing to chop up. The Andromedan Vizier could be done in a night or so of work, once I figure out the last few colors to complement what I've got there. Getting close.

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  1. That's a great looking figure. You've done a nice job on that.