Thursday, April 5, 2012

flame on!

So I accidentally learned to play Flames or War last night.

Well, not exactly. But. One of the unspoken rules of minis gaming is that you tend to play what other people in your local circle is playing. Yes, if you find a passion, you can try to win them over to the New Hotness, but really, when something catches on, there's a certain inertia. We're all here to play. And that's easiest with ready opponents. The vast majority of my local crew has a Flames of War army, or two. 

still cracks me up
Still cracks me up every time.

My running joke was that I would learn to play once I could use my rebased Monsterpocalypse creatures in the game. Yet, heading out for gaming last night, I don't recall how we started talking Flames, but we did. And after running our other game first (to be detailed in a future post) Maurice ran me through a quick couple Flames of War demos. It's simple and fun. The 40k comparisons are... readily available. Which isn't bad, mind you; 40k isn't my thing anymore, but there's nothing wrong with a game being easy to learn and play.

It certainly won't be a big part of my gaming life, no. But I can easily see myself borrowing an army for a game here and there, and if that sticks, maybe picking up some figs from the deliciously affordable Plastic Soldier Company. The hard part would be picking the force to play. Because my mind always drifts to the Weird War side of things (thanks AE-WWII!) and Flames doesn't seem to readily adapt itself to Nazi werewolves, psychic Russians, or Captain America and the Sub-Mariner. Ooh, wait, maybe I could do Cobra Command! (Can you tell why I am not suited for historical wargaming?)

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