Monday, June 18, 2012

Competitions are the new hotness

Gunners Wargaming is one of my go-to places for inspiration when I'm looking to get painting, and it's always a good read. He's having a competition to celebrate his birthday, and while I don't like reducing my chances of winning, I advise signing up yourself. 

In other news, planning for Historicon is shaping up. Signed up for a few games, and gathering materials for the flea market. Also working with the guys for the Gruntz scenarios for Gen Con. And once in a while, I pretend to get painting on things. Haven't forgotten about the 11+1 challenge, I've just been distracted by the 15mm bug these days/weeks/months.

Oh, and, in preparation for Historicon, I signed up for the Old Glory Army, which is not something I ever expected to say, but here we all are.


  1. Talking of competitions Mr PMMDJ you might want to nip on over to my Blog. And in particular this article:

    Congratulations. I hope you use the $100's store credit wisely.