Wednesday, June 13, 2012

infantry aced

The gents were meeting up at the local store to play some Infantry Aces for Flames of War, and I figured that'd be a fine opportunity to get some more game time under my belt. Not having an army, I couldn't really sign on to the campaign, but that's cool. A prince among men, Maurice loaned me a couple platoons of  Fallschirmjager, including a couple mortars to get the point across.

My esteemed opponent brought an excess of machine guns. He was holding the objective in the ruins of a church on the hill. Per the scenario, I had to cross the board and take the objective. And if I didn't even have some troops on his side of the board by turn six, that was worse off for me.

First shot with the mortars, perfect hit on the objective. Ranged the heck in, fire at will. The foot sloggers crossed the forest and occupied the ruins. Love that the terrain wasn't proving a hinderance to the troops. But man, if it wasn't a big jump from the relative safety of the ruins across the field to the church.

Ruins by Proxie Models, painted by Maurice.

Those guns started chewing through the troops though, so I had to give it a go. Fired smoke, made the run. Left flank almost made it into combat, but defensive fire prevented anything from happening. A round or so of not much more happening, and we timed it out. The Americans held the objective, and the day. Decent game, but man, rough scenario. We discussed what I could have done differently for the next go-round.

Still undecided about what army I would go with, if I invest. The Brits remain tempting. But the idea of Cobra Command just won't go away...

Bonus pic of the game happening to my left, a treacherous river crossing.

On the right, a game of Infinity broke out, including a huge pile of lovely transportable buildings.

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  1. Sounds like it was a close game then. Thanks for the pics. Cobra Command FTW