Saturday, November 24, 2012

11+1: "Bob"

A boon companion at 28mm scale...

Uh oh. The year is winding down, and as predicted I still have a lot left on my self-imposed challenge. This charmer is known as "Bob," since his actual name from his home planet is only pronounceable to sentient being equipped with both types of olfactory differentiation glands and hyperscrolbic vision. So, "Bob" works for everyone else.

...and a completely different silhouette when among the 15mms.

I was trying to stay away from more Muppet-like color schemes, but damned if at least a couple times I was ready to give up and go right back for a full repaint. As noted previously, the fig (called 'Terla') is from Zombiesmith's Starport collection, a lovely line with a lot of creative characters.

Hoping to find time for more painting this week, plus posting a batrep or two. We'll see. Fall is just so busy around here.

1 comment:

  1. He He Nice looking figure mate. I really like the scheme you've chose more natural looking.