Friday, March 15, 2013

but first, zombies

Viva el Cholo!

Before I dump the Cold Wars reports, let me cover gaming from this past Wednesday night. I completely regret missing the first Zombicide kickstarter, so when they announced the expansion in the new kickstarter can be a stand-alone version, I knew I would want to buy in, and then some. In addition to something I can play with the gaming crowd, it's a good board game for the non-minis set as well, and as noted earlier, My wife Maia and I play a lot of board games. Wednesday also happened to be the eighth anniversary of when we started dating, so what better way to celebrate than killin' zombies and rolling dice?

I said Maurice should wear a tie, since he was running the demo on our anniversary. He did!

Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

When we got there (slightly late) they were running through Spartacus. Aaron talked us through the anatomy of a turn, and gave us some tips on how the game works. Definitely looked interesting, I appreciate how it appears to work on a couple different levels at once, angling for influence, wagering on the arena, etc. Will likely check it out more thoroughly in the near future.

And then there was Zombicide. Maia and Heather got a quick rundown of how the game worked, and then we all walked through an easy scenario. No trouble at all. Buoyed by that performance, we tackled the first scenario, which has proven deadly in previous attempts...

Fearless zombie killers Maia, Heather, and King Maurice

...And through a combination of teamwork, good dice rolls, and benevolent card draws, we won! Heather played Nick, and camped out at an intersection, killing everything as it came in range (while making plenty of noise to draw in more.) Maia took el Cholo, and I took Amy, and we were a whirlwind of blades to anything that got closer. Good searches early and some liberal swapping of equipment paved our way. Teamwork!

Maia liked the game, but was looking forward to some scenarios with more tactical depth. Which sounds pretty wargamey, if you ask me, heh. Definitely a good night of gaming.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun, I must get this game at some point.