Thursday, February 28, 2013

February is weird

Mercs Week on Beasts of War

 In case you missed it, Beasts of War is running Mercs Week. Check it out. They do good work, and Mercs totally deserves the coverage.

So yes, February is all but behind us. Not much actual gaming for me, but things happening in the backfield. 

Spent a few nights recently getting stuff ready to sell at Cold Wars next week. Looking forward to the show! My to-buy list is already as long as my arm, and I know I will wander into awesome surprises there as well. A little Gaslight on Friday; evening game up in the air. Selling stuff Saturday morning, then more gaming, Catching up with a friend who lives up near there Saturday night, too. Action packed!

Will be selling off some of my Imperial Guard there as well. I haven't played 40k for a couple years now, and it's just taking up space in the basement. (And selling it will fund more purchases, heh.) I kind of wish I hadn't checked eBay prices ahead of time, because wow. But really, the plan for the past couple years has been to eBay them, and it hasn't happened. And pricing them to move at Cold Wars will get them out faster and I won't have to fiddle with the post office. So there's that.

My compatriot Imam is also asking me to sell off his Flames of War British while I am at the con. Yep, the army he loaned me while I (slowly) got my Cobra together.

Not pictured: the other large infantry platoon.

But in exchange, he's loaned me an even-larger Hungarian army. Switcheroo! Will have to schedule some time to play with lists in

When he was over, we also played more Gloom (which my wife won) and then some Ticket to Ride (which my wife won. She's good.) I actually met Imam on Usenet back when such a thing was vaguely relevant. We don't do as much toy soldier gaming as we used to, but make up for it with the board games, and apparently, loaning me armies. He's a prince among men.

Next update likely to be the post-Cold Wars report.

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