Saturday, October 12, 2013

Zomtober 2: the Quickening

 Our other cat Kira gets in on the act. She always looks that grumpy.

Got the shipping notice for my Zombicide Kickstarter II rewards, so that will be an exciting arrival shortly. 

Another easy pick this week, the other zombie from the Reaper Bones KS. I have a handful more to get through eventually. Wanted to get one of each painted up first.

Today's fun game: squint and see if you can find the mold lines!

Definitely more than a little deformed, I figure he's slowly mutating into a tank zed or something similar. I love that left arm, though. 

The pose gave me a bit of a swamp vibe, so I wanted a more 'wet' look, with more greens and less grime and gore. Did I go too far? Ehn, maybe. I'll live with it. Hands and face kept grey-er, since those are going to see the most contact.

Sitting next to his comrade in arms, though, I think I will definitely want to get the bases a little closer together in style.

Next week... something different.


  1. He's certainly bidder than your normal zed perhaps have him as a leader type which can speed or direct the other zombies more effectively! Why at the end of Zombtober can I imagine you cat wondering round with loads of bits of paper stuck to her.

  2. Really like that, looks dangerous and not something any hapless survivor would want to be anywhere near (I mean that in a good way!). :)