Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zomtober: the ironic edition

That is the face of a cat who is done with all this.

Zombotber draws to a close, and I have to punt on the challenge. No time to paint last week, or this one. October (and November) are always really busy around here, so I knew it would be a stretch. Ah well. Close is pretty good, right?

I did get a few other figs based and primed, so there's more to be done soon. I'd actually like to get the locals in on 7ombieTV, and picked up a few things for the scenarios there, as well.

But for a final bit of irony? This showed up last weekend:

That's a shocking amount of miniatures.

My spoils from the second Zombicide Kickstarter! Just the thing to polish off Zomtober. So plenty of figs for playing 7ombieTV, heh. Would just have to get on the ball with the painting. (I've been giving guff to one of the locals for not painting any of his figs fro the first Kickstarter, so I have zero excuse.) So I guess my Zomvember is booked up?

Happy Halloween, cats and kittens!


  1. Heh. Your cat's face in that photo is priceless! Soooo typical that a huge amount of Zombicide goodies should arrive too late to count. Still, on the bright side, plenty to keep you busy over the dark winter nights now...

  2. Look at all that zombie goodness! Should keep you busy for a while.

  3. Never mind mate. I only managed 3/4 of the deadlines myself. But at least you got some figures done which is what counts!