Saturday, December 28, 2013

holidays and distractions

Hells. Yes.
Still sitting on a couple old batreps I need to finish writing up, after I get the pictures cleaned up and refresh my memory as to how everything went down, heh. November and December are just chock full of holidays and traveling, so everything else goes out the window.

It's exactly times like this, when I don't have time to game (or even really work on figs or terrain) that I get distracted. In the past week or so, I have been looking at getting into Bushido, working on a list for Critical Mass, reading up on Flames of War, theorizing a campaign for In Her Majesty's Name, or maybe 7ombieTV, and looking into rulesets for post-apocalypse gaming. Because it's certainly not that I don't have a jillion other projects from this year I haven't finished. Sigh. 

But really, my attention deficit isn't news, and having a wealth of gaming opportunities and a decent play group is good stuff. Add in there the time to work on my toys and the finances to pursue (limited) new opportunities, and it's a fine way to wrap up 2013. And that doesn't even mention all of you out there in internet-land, across the pond or even farther, serving up regular doses of new inspirations or reports of your own games or projects to admire. Well done! Keep doing that.

Hey, 99th post! Happy new year, everyone.


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    1. Thanks! I still wanna play with the yellows a bit more, when I get around to it...

  2. The update looks nice. Good luck with your 2014 hobby endeavours. :)