Tuesday, August 12, 2014

leaving for Gencon tomorrow

Full pictures of the army at some point in the future, but here's the basics of my Critical Mass Kaamados army for Gencon. We're doing demos at early o'clock Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. As you may have noticed by my lack of blogging, the whole Dropship Horizon challenge was a complete bust, but at least we played a few games and everything is painted now?

(And man, in these pics, those bases on the left really don't match the bases on the right. It's not as jarring in person, I promise.)

Also packing my barely-past-primed Bushido (for two days of the Dojo plus the tourney) and my at-least-they-are-assembled Doctrine for the intro Relic Knights tourney. I don't expect to, you know, win any of these, but I intend to have a great time playing. The story of my life.

Hitting the road in about ten hours. Time to start packing? 

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