Saturday, October 10, 2015

Zomtober '15, week 2: Parker and his trusty machete

"I dunno what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is."

This week's entry could be a companion piece to last week's Santa Zed, but honestly, it's just another fig I've been putting off for a while, and this was the week to get it done. Parker is a zombie survivor, from Hasslefree.

I've seen pics online of folks painting him like Kenny from South Park, but I took more inspiration from John Carpenter's The Thing an Han Solo in his Hoth gear.

Look, a better pic of Santa Zed.

And he is tiny. Like, 22mm from feet to the top of the hood. Which works great for me. I loved Crooked Dice's St. Searle's 'savage schoolgirls' line, which I've supplemented with other armed children from vaious manufacturers. Parker is a natural fit, even if a little warmly dressed for it. I doubt many zombies will bite through that parka, though!

Slightly better job with the lighting this week. This was done outside, however, which also makes it rather weather-and-time dependent.

The lighting came out all weird with this one, but it was too good a height comparison to let it go. So I tried to edit it up in gimp, and... made it worse to the point that I couldn't un-blue it in the right way. But still! (And man, there's no better way to find every little missed detail than take some nice digital pics and edit them up. Every tiny error just shines right through.) (Thank heavens I am not a perfectionist.) (As you may have guessed.)


  1. He is a little isn't he, nice paintwork though, I loved John Carpenters "The Thing", the bit where the head drops off and walks away was brilliant (and no CGI back then!).

    Keep it up, Cheers Roger.

  2. Fabulous addition, I loved my Parker even though it was the unfashionably brown one!

  3. Very nice work for week 2 PMMDJ. :)

  4. Cracking little figure, very well painted. Great job dude!

  5. Great job, PMMDJ.

    22 mm? As you say, tiny.

  6. Love Parker one of my favourite HF Figs!

  7. The blue paint works really well to convey the cold and the need for that warm coat. Lovely job