Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zomtober '15, week 3: scaley!

One of the staples of the modern zombie genre is mutant zombies, undead affected in such a way that gives them a different look or powers. The Zombicide expansion Prison Outbreak featured berserker zombies, undead affected by reasons unknown to have scaly plates that give them some degree of armor from ranged weapons. Their jaws also get a little chisled, as it were. And whatever occurred happened near a prison, meaning the berserker zeds are all prisoners and prison guards (which gives the minis a nice unified theme.)

The only way I find mold lines is well after priming.

I painted the prison uniform orange to match my Arkham escaped convicts, because why not.

Not much time to chat today, this weekend's packed. But had to check in here first!

The story so far.

He's not overly tall...


  1. Excellent addition to your Zeds. :)

    Especially with the orange which is a colour I really struggle with. :)

  2. Brilliant! The orange is just spot on.

  3. Orange can be a beast to work with. You've aced it.

  4. Very nice looking zeds. Great job!

  5. Very nice. I really like that orange