Friday, August 5, 2011

Games I Play: Pulp City

One of the miniatures games I play the most these days is Pulp City. A superhero combat game set in the 1980s in a fictional city in California, the game has a lot of flavor and fun. Early reviewers weren't fans of the fact that you couldn't make your own supers*. However, I was won over by the flavor and the rules. The background is a loving tribute to the genre, and has a lot of personality and charm (also, giant robot monkeys.

The rules really blew me away, though. I've played a lot of minis games over the years, and these took a couple games to get my mind around, but once I got it, man. It hinges on a very smooth and tactical action management method. And much like another favorite, it isn't based on a points-value system. Quality gameflow with a lot of interesting design options and rewarding tactics. Great stuff. You only need a handful of models to play.

Here's a link to a good battle report. Plus a review from last year. The first book was just released. A (long-ish) demo game is here, if you like listening to Maciej talk.

* - Word on the street is, this is coming out in the first expansion.

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