Friday, August 19, 2011

Trying out Gruntz

Last week, sat down for a little gaming with the local crew. They were just back from Gencon, and eager to pass over the loot they picked up for me, and regale me with their tales of gaming and plans for the near future.

We also sat down to run through Gruntz. I'd liked the looks of the rules, and wanted to see how they played out. There was a little flipping back and forth in the book, as expected, but as we sorted through how things worked, playtime sped up nicely. The rules seem comprehensive and flexible. Looking forward to playing with them more. Next time, will make sure I have 6 pairs of d6s on hand, because that makes logical sense. Mech was dramatic and cinematic. Melee was unforgiving. Grenades seemed... highly effective, but I suspect we were doing something wrong there. Will research over the weekend.

Aaron ran with the Khurasan ARC Troopers. I was using mostly Blue Moon, with some other odds and ends, to represent my Xeno Legion mercenaries.

Picture kept small to hide embarrassingly unpainted minis.

In the pic above, my troops are advancing from the south. Aaron's dropship has toasted my APC (center-left, next to the solar panels.) My other APC has deployed the Velon Skirmishbots to take on his ARC Troops who have taken position behind the refinery depot.

Picture taken with the camera-phone at Dream Wizards, the local haunt near my house. The store terrain isn't great, but it's functional.Geared mostly for 28mm, though, so will need to cart along more 15mm options next time.

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