Saturday, August 20, 2011

this and that

Last night sat down with the guys for a little Pulp City three-way dance. We may have been doing a little playtesting, so I won't be doing a full writeup. Did a modified quest scenario, objectives were breaking off alien crystals from three set locations and earning points for eliminating rivals. Eight levels. I brought Necroplane, Aaron brought the heroes, and Maurice did Ulthar. Fun! It'd been a while since I played, but it remains a top game for me. Jade Hawk completely tied up a lot of my team for by far too many turns, which wasn't pleasant. I did make up for it by rampaging Super Zed around, however, which was a moral victory.

Off for a couple days, then hopefully to sneak in some painting this week. Probably heroes and Gruntz figs. Also have some Malifaux to assemble and base. Work is cut out for me.

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