Friday, January 6, 2012

State of the Union

Well, sort of.

Life gets heck of busy for me from about the end of October until midway through January. Gotten only two nights of gaming in during that period.Had to rely on the occasional evening of Team Fortress 2 to tide me over otherwise. Luckily, we've made it through the drought, and have more gaming on the near horizon now.

The local crew is talking about re-starting the Shadowrun campaign shortly. (I adore Shadowrun. It's one of my favorite RPG settings.) The past decade has been all of two or three stalled starts at RPGs. I still like the concept, it's just hard getting everyone together regularly, with a Dungeonmaster willing to herd those cats. Everyone is adults with busy lives.

Unilaterally declared 2012 is also the year of Pulp City, so, there's that. Still shooting for Gencon this year.

As noted previously, last year was also the year I got into 15mm scifi. There's something of a boomlet on, and me and the locals have been slowly buying, building, and painting. So now we have to get more games in. One of the things we invested in was the idea of an Aliens vs. Predators vs. Marines scenario. And now that we're getting down to brass tacks on that, I'm trying to figure out what rules to use. Current theory? Blasters and Bulkheads. Will it work? Good question! Heh. Will definitely be stretching the numbers, but it still looks to me like the best fit.

I'm also playing around with the numbers for Gruntz for my Kontrol Battalion, which is helping solidify the backstory there in my mind.

Painting queue, roughly: Kontrol Battalion bases and vehicles, Mercs sefadu, Khurasan Space Demons. Assembling, have the terrain I picked up over the holidays, plus a few figs I picked up from Rebel as well.

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