Tuesday, January 31, 2012


No actual gaming recently. Still reading through 7tv, still planning on painting more this week.

Since I have nothing to say that's worth reading, let me pass along* a couple things that are:

Roebeast's has announced the 2012 Trash Bash. I love this side of gaming, and was considering participating, despite my lack of talent for such things, and my propensity for not completing projects on time. Nonetheless, I will be keeping up with other people's results. Along the same line the Lead Painters' League Season 6 is about to kick off, and they always, always have some paint job to drool over. (Side note: I did just accept a challenge to get me off my duff, so, there's that.)

Rusti with Crossover Miniatures discusses his Kickstarter experience. I have already supported a small handful of Kickstarter projects, and I think it will definitely be a great way to support smaller startups in our little niche hobby.

IceRaptor wrote a great piece titled "Why rules should be written for the casual player." Been bandying it around with the local guys, as it is pretty similar to my own experience. I soured out on Warmachine many moons ago, because I really felt like I couldn't 'keep up' with all the new rules for all the new figures and how they would interact and etc. I fear that Malifaux may eventually go the same route, but so far knowing my own army's strengths and a thumbnail sketch of how a new opponent works has been enough to get me by. Time will tell. Anyways, his article is a great read, I heartily endorse it.

[EDIT: Crimminy, always forget one thing. Dropship Horizon also had a noteworthy piece on compromising our innate gamer desire to write our own worlds by adapting it to use existing lines. I'm as guilty of this urge as anyone, but really, there's nothing wrong with bringing in what others have done and adapting it to our vision.]

* - In my non-gaming life, I do this daily with posts to my Livejournal, covering interesting news links I find that I liked or found noteworthy.


  1. Gaming. Next Week. It's happn'in.

    What do you want to play? Gruntz? Malifaux? Strange Aeons?

  2. I'm sure you'll have some opinion after TempleCon!

  3. Good lord, someone else remembers "The Hunt":