Friday, January 27, 2012

yay painting

Got a little extra painting time this week, so tried to make the best of it. Was a little bored cleaning up the Kontrol Battalion, so went for some more creative options to keep the energy up.

Demon dogs!

As promised earlier, the Old Glory versions of Thundarr, Ookla and Ariel. Stuck with the classic costumes. Might highlight the Sunsword to help it stand out a little, detail these up a bit more at some point.

Bringing a knife to a... knife fight.

Next up, Lord Plunder. A Chronoscope fig I will be considering for... 7tv. Yes, I caved, thanks to some tempting posts seen elsewhere. Will write this up once I am through the book, but it looks like a good ruleset for my pulp gaming desires. And I happen to have a bunch of figs lying around that I can use for it. (Here pictured facing off against a pre-painted Mage Knight beastie.)

Qui est l'Homme Mystérieux?
And finally, some bad guys for trying out 7tv. The Gorilla Gangster (a Mongoose mini) was originally bought for Pulp City, but can pull double-duty here. As can the fiendish Mysterious Man, the criminal mastermind and scientific genius, with his genetically-spawned dinosauroid pet (originally Pulp City). Lastly, a menacing mechanical bodyguardbot (from Mr. Murch's fantastic Pulp Figures line.)

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