Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pulp City: Rumble in the Jungle

"This is April Winters with Channel 7 News reporting. As promised last night, we have exclusive pictures from last week's rumble in the Jungle Habitat at the abandoned Pulp City Zoo. Our city's defenders, Heavy Metal, received word that a mysterious gentleman was delivering a shipment of firearms to the Ape Revolutionary Committee. Channel 7 was able to obtain some images from the mostly nonfunctional closed-circuit security camera footage from the zoo systems.

"Always first on the scene, Androida scouted ahead of the rest of her team, hoping to head off the weapons drop before the shifty simians got their paws on them. 

"Having gone too far ahead of the rest of her crew, though, she was ambushed! Chimp-Chi and the tag team of Apebot and Virus surrounded her and quickly took her out of the fight. The perfidious primates didn't have long to gloat though, as the glowing form of Nuclear Jones, flanked by his sidekick, the alien robot X-50, cast a long shadow over them...

"Meanwhile, the people's champion Iron Train slowly made his way up the middle of the enclosure. Out from behind a small building stepped Guerilla, firing his massive minigun! Luckily, the armored hero was backed up by none other than Lady Cyburn, and the bullets melted in the air before they could do any damage. Iron Train raised a mighty fist, and a clash for the ages was coming.

"While in the back of the habitat, Dr. Red was using his prowess to press the advantage, pulling strings and working his tactical knowledge to turn the tide. He stood next to the crate of AK-47s knowing they could give his troops a fighting chance. But the shadows gave way to a liquidy silver form, which took the shape of Dr. Mercury, ready to show Red who was the real doctor on duty! His hand shifted into the shape of an anvil...

"The stage was set and the fists were flying. Virus scrambled furiously to keep Apebot working as blast after blast flew from Jones's hands into the robotic gorilla. X-50 acquitted himself finely, following up the attack and shifting the balance. Who would yield first? Their conflict was mirrored by Iron Train and Guerilla, trading powerful punches and fiercely trying to shift the momentum in their favor. 

"Nuclear Jones laid out a massive wave of destructive force, but eventually began to fade. Rather than let the monkeys win the day without a cost, he shone like the sun and unleashed a tidal wave of power. Apebot and Chimp-Chi, broken and bruised, looked up from their scorched patch of ground to see... Iron Train, victorious over his foe, and bearing down on them like a house on fire!

"After a hard-fought contest of his own, Dr. Mercury was finally turning the table on the inventive orangutan. Again a melee furiosuly fought, but the Heavy Metal hero stood his ground and took the day. Shots rang out from the shadowy arms dealer, but after some furtive attempts, he slipped away. ARC was taken out that day by the hometown team, Heavy Metal. But for how long would the streets be quiet?"


[Out-of-character notes: hadn't played in too long, so I just went with Heavy Metal, so I could try out Cyburn and Jones for the first time. Both did great! Good lord, Nuke Jones puts out so much damage. Also had a great outing for Iron Train. Many ones and sixes were thrown that day. Was really a great game, evenly matched and a lot of fun. And yes, I do have a fig set aside for April Winters, my alternate for Pulp City's own June Summers.]


  1. Not pictured: Chronin, who was the backup flank, and did nothing of value all game.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey now!

      I have seen her go to town in the past. That night, not so much.

  3. And then there was the heroic efforts of The Gentlemen to take down that metallicly-shifty Dr. Mercury toward the end. SO close to taking the Doctor down. SO CLOSE.

    1. Completely. There was a few big rolls that could have turned the tide single-handedly, had they gone the other way. Titans clash!