Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gruntz: EHTC vs. Kontrol

Never known for their reluctance to act, the Kontrol Battalions reacted quickly to reports of a East Hyadum Trading Company camp planetside. Their grip on the rim colonies would only be maintained through determination with a heavy dose of fear, and a cold application of violence was more often than not the most efficient answer.

The initial push to the westward flank of the EHTC encampment was met with... some resistance. Rushing to close the gap to the artillery, the Luchs truck was blasted with authority, leaving the troops and sergeant inside to march the rest of the distance, past the solar farm on the hilltop. The fearsome Sponkhound tank rounded the corner to press the advantage.

Meanwhile, another squad marched east, knowing if they could claim the ruined temple it would be a moral victory to show the locals who's in charge.

Reports are scattered, but things didn't turn out well for Kontrol that day. The artillery was neutralized by the short distances, but fierce opposition backed up by a hidden Merka tank (!) and a returning scout walker neutralizing the already neutralized squad moving on the temple. The Merka vs. Sponkhound debate was brutal, but on its last legs (tracks?) the Merka won the terrible exchange. Casualties were heavy on both sides. As always, the Kontrol troops battled to the last, but the EHTC took the prize and held their ground, providing the locals hope to escape the grip of Kontrol.

(The East Hyadum Trading Company were represented by Micropanzer infantry and the Rebel Merka. Artillery piece was from the Mechwarrior clix. Scenario was 'borrowed' from Flames of War, with some adaptations. Only a handful of rules mistakes were made.)

 In memoriam: that squad that didn't get anything accomplished.


  1. GReat little AAR and pictures. Look forward to the next one

  2. Put up some of my comments from the PoV of the EHTC.