Thursday, May 17, 2012


Another lull between games, so more rambling.

My esteemed opponent Maurice put up his version of the battle report I posted a couple weeks back. The contrast between the two is quite telling. I will never be 'the rules guy.' It's just not my thing. I game for the backstory, 'the fluff,' the narrative of the battle. I quite often get tripped up by what modifiers I should be using for which stat, and what have you. Luckily, I have some patient opponents to play against. And thusly my battle reports will trend toward a couple decent pictures, and some brief anecdotes about what happened. That is just how my tastes (and attention span) runs.

The big news,. I suppose, is that we've decided against hitting Gen Con this year. Just a general lack of enthusiasm combined with the companies that we're into either not showing up, or nothing doing anything terribly exciting. Instead, it looks like we will be hitting Historicon, as that's a shorter trip, and hopefully a more fruitful one. We're also looking at getting a table at the flea market, which would let me unload some minis I no longer need, and get a few bucks (to spend on new minis I don't need, heh.)

Amusing side note: one way to make me feel better about laying out the cash for my gaming vacations turns out to be going shopping with my wife for her camping adventures. As she notes, she spends ahead of time for her trips, whereas I spend the bulk of my cash while I am there. It's a fair cop.

Have been keeping busy working on 15mm scifi terrain using odds and ends I have picked up over the years. One building for my theoretical mining colony/spaceport is assembled and ready for basing, another is halfway there. Also working on some tiles and crowd templates for The Department and Blasters & Bulkheads. The goal for those is 'cheap and versatile,' and I think I am most of the way there. Pics when they're ready for primetime.

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