Friday, May 25, 2012

something is wrong with me

One of the top rules of gaming: you play what your group is playing. Yes, you can try to sell them on your favorite(s) to win them over, but when something catches on, you eventually ride the wave. It's all about the playing, after all.

and thus, a million proclivities were launched
Originally, I said that I would play Flames of War only when I could use rebased Monsterpocalypse figs as kaiju as my army. But again, over time, I have slid on this restriction, and I find myself reading through the rules seriously, and thinking about what faction I'd like to select.*

And nonetheless, I'll just be reading along, and it'l pop into my head, you know, you could totally do a WW2 version of Cobra Command. And it'd be awesome. I mean, part of the selling point of 15mm is that vehicles and terrain are easier, right? And you have to admit, a line of HISS tanks would be intimidating! Etc., etc.

I just can't help myself. This is why I wasn't cut out for historicals.

* - My amigo Imam has offered to loan me a Brit army to run, which is tempting.


  1. lol good old joes, My favorite was shipwreck :D

    1. I freely admit I have always been a Cobra man, myself. Some of the Joes were OK, but for my money, bring on the bad guys.