Wednesday, February 13, 2013

checking out Infinity and Dark Age, and more

Just throwing up a few quick pics. Last week, hit up my Friendly Local Game Store to check out a couple games. They're starting up an Infinity campaign, and Infinity is popular enough online to be on my radar, but a game with which I was at best vaguely acquainted.

This is a TAG. They are apparently scary.

Primarily, was watching Aaron take his Yu Jing to face off against Mike's Ariadna. The game itself is similar to other games I play, alternating unit activation, point builds, etc. I do like the reaction system better than Mercs (which is a little awkward.) The rules are definitely on the more believable side of scifi, with a lot of details, but does not feel overly strict. The setting has a lot of charm. Currently thinking Nomads or Haqqislam, if/when I buy in, but that's a while off either way.

The game also demands a high level of terrain, and I am a big fan of that. The above table, which I know I took pics of before, continues to impress. Doubly so in that it's more modular and transportable than it looks.

The other table featured some Morat on Morat action. I didn't check who won, but I presume Marc acquitted himself well in battle.

The surprise game of the night was when a game of Brushfire broke out! Usually it's my crew that's playing the game no one else has heard of. Lovely figs, too.

The other reason I showed up was to get a run-through of Dark Age. Again, a game I know a lot of people play, including in my own circle, but I never sat down to really check out. We didn't play through a full game, but ran through a turn and a demo of combat. Very brutal and fast-paced, it has a great action vibe that a lot of games miss out. Much like Infinity, every faction has some really lovely figs. I guess I'd look at Skaard or the Forsaken, but the Kukulkani are pretty fancy too.

So now that I've taken a closer look at both, I will read up voraciously on both online for the next few weeks, checking out websites and blogs and forums and galleries and the like. I have opponents available in the area, so I won't have to win anyone over, and can even borrow a force to try out first, which is always a benefit. If interest sticks around, I will pick up the rules, and then start shopping around for an intro force or pretty figs I've had my eye on.

This typical schedule will be slightly put off as the next couple weeks will be spent putting together stuff to sell at Cold Wars. And not too long after the con, I should start getting the toys from a couple Kickstarters from last fall (Reaper Bones, Relic Knights, and more.) So loads of treasure rolling up in the near future. It's not like I didn't already have plenty of figs I should be painting, but really, it's a great complaint to have.


  1. nice pics, I do like the Infinity ranges lovely figures and some very dynamic poses.

    1. Seriously, some of the most attractive figs on the market. And each faction has some real winners, too.