Tuesday, November 12, 2013

decision-making process

This weekend is Fall-In, so I am trying to find as much time as I can this week to cleaning other figs, painting other figs, or straightening up the figs I have, just to remind myself not to buy too much while I am there, since I already have plenty to do (and more on the way, thanks Kickstarter!)

As noted earlier, I still have a couple unfinished batreps to get up here on the blog; the wife is away next week, hopefully will have time then. 

Here's a little insight into our ridiculous process for deciding what to play next. We're all a little unfocused, as we have our favorite games of the moment, but are often carried by the capricious winds of whim. And since no one is really driven, it can become an overly- complex negotiation. 

[Backstory: Maurice, Aaron and I were planning to play some Zombicide, but we suspected Aaron might not be able to make it.]

(9:32:14 AM) Maurice: what are we playing in case he bails?
(9:32:31 AM) paul: heh
(9:32:40 AM) paul: um
(9:32:42 AM) paul: good question!
(9:33:02 AM) paul: Do you own the Zombicide?
(9:33:28 AM) Maurice: I do not
(9:33:36 AM) paul: hokay
(9:34:00 AM) paul: My opening shot would be IHMN, as I think I could pack that relatively quickly.
(9:34:16 AM) Maurice: I need to create-a-crew
(9:34:35 AM) paul: and you as yet do not own the book, correct?
(9:34:45 AM) Maurice: I had a copy in my hands until the weekend when I returned it to Aaron
(9:37:31 AM) Maurice: hrmmmm
(9:37:45 AM) Maurice: any other random scifi game you've been wanting to try?
(9:37:53 AM) Maurice Kent: I kinda want to break out ye olde 15mm stuff
(9:38:42 AM) paul: Next time you get the book in your hands - make a crew!
(9:39:21 AM) paul: I could prob. grab the Kontrol Battallion, yeah. Gruntz?
(9:40:31 AM) paul: (I really wish we could do CMG, just to make Aaron mad.)
(9:40:49 AM) Maurice: heheh
(9:40:59 AM) Maurice: we could take a crack at 15mm fantasy once agian
(9:41:23 AM) paul: also should be easy to throw together. What style?
(9:41:39 AM) Maurice: well, I certainly lack individually-based stuff
(9:41:55 AM) paul: you certainly could fix that one of these days as well.
(9:42:00 AM) Maurice: indeed
(9:42:08 AM) Maurice: actually, wait
(9:42:14 AM) Maurice: I've got those random unpainted norsemen guys
(9:42:21 AM) paul: based?
(9:42:23 AM) Maurice: yeah
(9:42:29 AM) paul: how many, roughly?
(9:42:34 AM) Maurice: like...15? let me look
(9:42:42 AM) paul: no rush
(9:43:49 AM) Maurice: 8 + the gang of hyenas
(9:43:56 AM) Maurice: could also do Ronin...
(9:46:13 AM) paul: I do, in fact, still have the Ronin test run dudes packet as well.
(9:46:42 AM) Maurice: LET'S DO THAT
(9:47:13 AM) Maurice: it'll be like Urban Samurai
(9:47:17 AM) Maurice: since that's my terrain selection
(9:47:18 AM) Maurice: but w/e
(9:47:20 AM) paul: oooh
(9:47:38 AM) paul: I was about to cough in another idea, but Urban Samurai might take that cake
(9:47:43 AM) Maurice: what was the other idea?
(9:49:48 AM) paul: FUBAR, Akula's Rules, or one of the other super simple rules systems floating around out there.
(9:50:29 AM) Maurice: hmmmmm
(9:50:38 AM) Maurice: yeah, I could see that for 15mm SyFee
(9:51:17 AM) Maurice: do they do vehicles in the Foobz?
(9:51:18 AM) paul: you have... five hours to decide, once and for all.
(9:51:28 AM) Maurice: 5 hours?
(9:51:31 AM) Maurice: why 5 hours?
(9:51:33 AM) Maurice: you rolling at 3?
(9:51:57 AM) paul: No, but I will need time to read up on/download and print whatever we pick
(9:52:02 AM) paul: FUBAR has vehicles, yes
(9:52:09 AM) Maurice: mm, I see
(9:52:12 AM) Maurice: wellllll
(9:52:16 AM) Maurice: which would you prefer?
(9:53:18 AM) Maurice: oo, there's a space-hulk version
(9:53:21 AM) Maurice: could run that on my vault terrain
(9:53:33 AM) paul: is vault terrain 28 or 15 mm?
(9:54:34 AM) Maurice: 15 son
(9:54:44 AM) paul: I don't know your life!
(9:54:55 AM) Maurice: so, I could read that and get that ready
(9:55:03 AM) Maurice: could run unpainted marines v. aliens
(9:55:04 AM) Maurice: I mean
(9:55:05 AM) paul: I note 15mm Space Hulk could feature an obtuse number of Space Daemons.
(9:55:11 AM) Maurice: are they painted?
(9:55:25 AM) paul: ....yes. Stealth prime black.
(9:55:28 AM) Maurice: heh
(9:55:30 AM) Maurice: PERFECT
(9:55:32 AM) Maurice: I have some painted humans
(9:55:35 AM) Maurice: LET'S DO THIS SHIT
(9:55:37 AM) paul: ZOMG
(9:55:51 AM) paul: FUBAR Scifi Space Hulk.
(9:56:10 AM) paul: (...unless we change our minds in the next five hours)
(9:56:12 AM) Maurice: naw
(9:56:13 AM) Maurice: that's good
(9:56:17 AM) Maurice: we're doing that
(9:56:17 AM) paul: now, to make Aaron jealous.

So, twenty-four minutes total, and seven or eight possible suggestions, whittled down in rapid succession. we're kind of awesome like that. Never get any projects done, but hey, it's something.

(And yes, FUBAR report soon as well.)


  1. Oi; this just reaffirms how ridiculous one reads/sounds when on the internet. You know how everyone hates their 'telephone voice?' I am currently laughing at my sad, 12-year-old 'internet voice.'

    1. I've come to embrace my online immaturity.

  2. Hahah, this was awesome and sounds familiar. Seems gamers are one big (dysfunctional) family no matter the country.