Friday, September 19, 2014

Kickstarter stumping: Stonehaven Half-Orcs

OK, quick aside here. Stonehaven Miniatures is coming up to the deadline on their latest fantasy kickstarter, this one for a wide variety of half-orcs and other odds and ends.

I bring this up specifically because I have a couple pulp and Victorian scifi fans among my leadership. In the recent past, I also signed on for Wolsung, which is best described for me as "Shadowrun steampunk." It's a pulp Victorian scifi-fantasy setting, which includes among other things the Triad of the Lotus Dragon, an orcish immigrant criminal organization. And coincidentally enough, there's a number of figures in the Stonehaven offering that would be perfect for your demihuman VSF needs: the Nobleman, the Pistoleer, the Mechanist, the Scholar, and more. Stonehaven really shines in making highly characterful figures, each one practically writing their own story for you. Take a look, you'll see.

The kickstarter can be found here, and as of this posting has about 36 hours left. You can pick up the figs from their previous kickstarters here.

There's already plenty of backers, so I am not trying to push the kickstarter 'to the next level.' Nor is getting a huge number particularly a great deal, truth be told. It's a deal, but not an investment. The sole reason I am post this is because I think this company is great, they are putting out some figs unlike anyone else, they are very responsive to their customers, and I don't think enough people have heard about them. Plenty of reason to take the time out to spread the word.

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